Ep 246: Paul Cornell & Robert Shearman at AussieCon4

Aussiecon4_0077.png Last September, in Melbourne, science fiction fans came from all over the world to hear us interview two of the writers of the new series of Doctor Who, Paul Cornell and Robert Shearman.

You can feel like you were actually there by listening to this episode. You will miss all the visual jokes but you’ll be able to hear the audience laugh and then you can laugh at the same time and just imagine what’s happening on the stage.

We talk to them about what it means to write for such an iconic TV show, how it’s affected them and I’m sure someone mentions Daleks at some point.

Enjoy it:

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Next week: We’re still on a break and don’t have anything planned so just listen to this episode again.

In the meantime, you can find us on twitter and facebook. Also, Paul Cornell is on twitter.

Special thanks to David Ashton from Sample and Hold for all of his wonderful audio engineering help on this episode. Very special thanks to Danny Oz for the use of his photo.


  1. Wait….what? Not only is next week a repeat of this week’s ep but to rub salt into the wound I don’t even get a This Week on Boxcutters *this* week??

    :pouts and flounces off in a huff:

  2. That was absolutely brilliant! I’m only a fairly recent convert to Boxcutters, so was a little nervous about this not being a regular episode, but… wow! What a terrific interview!

  3. Paul B. =:o} says:

    So, this new pilot they’re writing together about Russell and his Army of Zombie Babies… “Born and Dead?” =:o} [G,D&RVVF]

  4. This episode is now AWARD-WINNING! We are very excited to have recieved a Chronos Award for this show, and would like to thank Continuum 7, Narrelle Harris (for receiving the award on our behalf because I was – um – in the wrong room) and everyone who voted for us!

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