Ep 245: Kim Evey and Greg Benson

When I, Josh, was in the US earlier this year, I stopped by the house of a pair of web-based film makers to talk about the definition of television.

Kim Evey and Greg Benson are two of the people behind the very successful web series, the Guild, but they also produce their own stuff with Mediocre Films and LKG Productions.

We had a great time and then they kicked me out.

All by myself:

Feel free to complain about the sound quality by sending us an angry letter.

Next week: It’s our Dr Who AussieCon WorldCon Constravaganzwho!


  1. Now I’ll *never* know why Josh doesn’t care….

  2. And now I want a drink with a little umbrella in it…

  3. Daniel D Boxcutter says:

    I have now watched about half a dozen episodes of Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show. They are absolutely hilarious in every way.

    Thanks Josh for putting me on to this. Next, I will investigate The Guild.

  4. MJD Boxcutter says:

    Maybe I’m just grumpy this evening, but I found myself appalled by the way they talk about their work, and couldn’t be bothered listening to the end. If you care so little about what you do that _you_ call it “content”, why would you expect anybody else to care about it?

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