Ep 244: US Fall Season 2010, Pre-production

Brett has some Crap TVs that he needs to offload on us all. The fact that one of them may have been a misnamed Raywatch will go without saying because it doesn’t change the episode really. And who actually understands the definitions of these segment titles anyway? We may as well call the whole show Bucket of TV and be done with it.

Also, reaching into the bucket, I pull out some very brief descriptions of new shows with bad titles from the US Fall Season including Blue Bloods, Raising Hope and The Whole Truth.

John Richards arrives right near the end of the show (retrospective spoiler alert) and tells us what it means to have a show in “pre-production”.

Then Brett spends some time trying to cut 10 minutes out of the show because we can see no reason for anyone to listen to us reach into the Bucket of TV for almost an hour and a half. You won’t hear that bit in the show because we cut it out.  One thing Brett can tell you is that no one is going to hear about Grand Final after parties nor the suggestion that the L in AFL stands for Libel.

Enjoy the fruits of our waffle.:

And then, please, let us know what you think and should we change the title?


  1. Trioli 4 greatest character of all time!! says:

    OK I couldn’t let that biased ABC News Breakfast discussion pass without comment. Don’t you douches realise that – unlike most of the rest of ABC News 24 – ABC News Breakfast is made in Melbourne?? And yet you claim it’s Sydney-centric???

    I watched on Monday and they mentioned the AFL a few times – though granted, not as often as the NRL. But let’s bear in mind for a moment that the NRL happened the day before (i.e. it was NEW NEWS), whereas the AFL happened two days before (i.e. it was OLD NEWS)! Were you watching ABC News 24 for the 24 hours after both iterations of the AFL granf final? They wouldn’t shut up about AFL then – back when it was NEW NEWS!!

    You guys need your heads checked – or maybe you just need to watch this a few times before you start criticising ABC News Breakfast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wr1R2o_yzXo

  2. David Boxcutter says:

    Josh, are you not aware that trams now travel as far outside of Zone 1 as Bundoora, and even South Vermont? That would be in Zone 3 if it still existed.

    Naming the special episodes with normal episode numbers is a blasphemy against all that is good in the world. The next episode should titled Boxcutters Special Edition: Inappropriate Unicorn Porn.

  3. murrayNE says:

    Toby: I think that you have the three funniest lines of the episode… unfortunately the only one I remember is you barking like a dog.
    Josh: to be pedantic about your pedantry, the South Australian Aussie Rules association is the SANFL. The N stands for National. Yes, that is both self-contradicting and weird. Let’s assume that I’m fine with that little quirk of my adopted state and that it doesn’t drive me mental, shall we? Yes, let’s do that.
    Brett: re: ABC morning news on Monday. I’d be williing to bet that they did mention the AFL result on Sunday morning, and that they did not mention the ARL result on Tuesday morning. I think that a 24 hour news channel is just less likely to give a weekend summary and more likey to report results within the last day. Today and Sunrise are always going to stretch things out if they think they can get in some more comments or interviews that the Monday-Friday only watchers won’t have already seen.
    John: Pre-production! Dead exciting.
    David: I love your episode title idea, if only because of the suggested existence of appropriate unicorn porn.
    All: did you know that Boxcutters is so big that boxcutter.net has been bought up as an advertising domain?

    Yay Channel 10.

  4. I had similar thoughts as @Trioli during crap TV, on Monday morning the AFL grand-final had left the news cycle whereas the NRL grand-final was within the standard 24 hour news cycle.

    With respect to 3D TV, it will be a televisual revolution, eventually, but not until we make the switch from 2D to 3D broadcasts. It’s a chicken/egg problem, there’s no point buying a 3D TV until the switch but the switch won’t come until enough people own 3D TVs.

  5. Leechboy says:

    Josh – Looking forward to hearing more views on what has been a pretty tedious Fall Season so far. Maybe even perform an autopsy on those shows that havely already died, (eg. My Generation.) and spend some time trying to work out why some shows didn’t make it, outside of poor ratings.

    The problem with 3D isn’t content or “the switch” but the fact that you’re always aware that your watching something in 3D. It hinders suspension of disbelief. It would need to be closer to Virtual Reality to work properly, and even then it faces the issue of how you’d edit, or do scene transitions, things that 3d already has problems with.

    Special Episodes should be prefixed with “A Very Special” and contain as many colons and dashes as possible. For example –

    A Very Special Episode of Boxcutters – Inappropritate Unicorn Porn: Electric Boogaloo. S05E250 PDTV XviD-LOL [EZTV]

  6. Lyndal Boxcutter says:

    Couple of bits of extra information/some thoughts.

    Maura Tierney was cast as the female lead in the (2nd) TV adaption of Parenthood when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. They held production for a while but ended up replacing her with Lauren Graham.

    Blue Bloods rated its arse off. I think it’s the mustache ’cause it can’t be the writing.

    I think that Sarah Murdoch was guilty of nothing more than being an inexperienced live host. I don’t think it is a mistake than someone with more experience would make – I think someone like gretel killeen or KAK or Rove wouldn’t be shy about asking for clarification at a crucial moment. It looked like SM felt she had to say a winner rather than hold it up or acknowledge that there was a technical difficulty.

  7. @Leechboy

    “- A Very Special Episode of Boxcutters – Inappropritate Unicorn Porn: Electric Boogaloo. S05E250 PDTV XviD-LOL [EZTV]”

    An XviD file? So that’d be the VIDEO podcast version, then…

    (also: there’s such a thing as appropriate Unicorn porn, hmmn?)

  8. Leechboy says:

    @Mordwa A world with unicorn porn*, has enough imaginary space for a video podcast, possibly even in 3d.

    * either inappropriate or Inappropritate (The latter is either a spelling mistake or a word I made up to question whether or not Catherin Tate should be involved in something. For the record, I found Doctor Who inappropritate)

  9. This is one of my fave eps the year guys, even though I almost slammed into a tree when Josh ‘Crazy Cat’ Kinal attacked poor John!

    And I can vouch for Howqua being a place. A terrible place. My school made me go there for camp in year 8. I had to go river walking and I lost a shoe.

    About the analogue switch off – I live in Bendigo and I’m really worried that I won’t be able to watch channel 10 when we switch over completely. At the moment we have great reception on all the digital channels except 10, so we have to switch back to analogue to watch Neighbours. If I can’t keep up to date with Dr Karl’s latest indiscretions I might have to start watching Hellcats instead.

  10. David Boxcutter says:

    Clare, with the advent of this year’s Fall Season, I’ve discovered that it’s always a good idea to watch Hellcats instead of anything else. Except (appropriate) unicorn porn, of course.

  11. Tristan reimann says:

    Has anyone else noticed the new channel 90 “gem” which seems to be playing lots of classic tv. That one seemed to sneak in pretty quietly

  12. Leechboy says:

    GEM is supposed to be the “female” orientated channel, because lord knows men and women can’t abide sharing a space together.

  13. Natalie Bc says:

    Definitely blasphemous if you use normal episode numbers on special episodes….. it’s cheating. Not only will you be cheating us you’ll be cheating yourselves. Think about it.
    Also, I just got a digital set top box and now I know the shows you’re all talking about. Yay. Also, I saw Get Smart the other day for the first time in a million years. It’s on channel 99. Hee.

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