Ep 243: Grand Final, Strictly Speaking

Is 3D ruining our sports coverage? We take a look at Channel 7’s coverage of the AFL Grand Final and wonder what has changed.

Toby gives us a rundown on what Strictly Speaking is all about.

There’s also some Letters to Boxcutters and an I Don’t Buy It to sink your teeth into (or sync your teeth with if you have those new “smart teeth” that also work as a personal organiser and can download apps etc).

Listen to it here:

And then, please, let us know what you think.


  1. David Boxcutter says:

    Wow, who knew that Brett was mad for New Age faux-spirituality in the 80s? That really explains the crack smoking.

  2. Paddy Houlihan says:

    Thanks for your stance on the so called “Dexter killer”. As an avid video game player i have to put up with this crap moral panic from the Media about how video games are teaching our kids to kill. I take issue with the fact people blame media for their actions, making them unaccountable for THEIR actions. Rant over/

  3. murrayNE says:

    Hey Boxcutters – so what’s with this “Nelly’s laugh” nonsense? I couldn’t find the (apparent) complaint in comments after Nelly’s last appearance. Was it an email? In any case, surely you are in a prime position to appreciate the dangers of reacting to limited “viewer” feedback, especially where the contrary opinion is unlikely to drive anyone to write?
    I have never been bothered by Nelly’s laugh. What’s the problem?

    • Josh Kinal says:

      @murrayNE It was a letter we received that we read out in episode 242. I hope that Nelly was just proving a point and we won’t be subjected to her “LOL”s or singing again.

  4. Paul Boxcutter says:

    I want to weigh in on this a little.
    Nelly, I’m pretty sure you were being facetious during this ep., please don’t stop reacting to the boys as you do, I enjoy it.

    My thought when listening to the ‘complaint’ being read out last week was that in my mind I thought what Nelly did was hear something funny (or crack-pipe worthy) and start to chuckle, then in her head add some more humour to it, and hence start to laugh more heartily as her mind wandered off on a joke. Or maybe that’s what I do?

    Anyway, it’s made me try to pay more attention to women laughing in panel shows, but I’ve not seen anything yet……

  5. murrayNE says:

    My bad. I posted while still mid-episode and had forgotten last week’s letter.

  6. Nelly Thomas says:

    Hi all,

    Yes Paul, I was being cheeky but also trying to prove a point. No-one (least of all me) wants me to be a gratuitous “laugh-at-the-boys” giggler, but equally, being ungenerous with feedback (including laughter) leads to a boring and stingy show.

    Besides the equation of feminist = no sense-of-humour went out with the dinosaurs.

    I will resume my laughing at crack-pipes and jokes in future episodes.

    And I won’t LOL. But may sing occasionally.


  7. For me, this sums up the whole issue: http://xkcd.com/385/
    Just replace ‘math’ with ‘laughing’

    I listen to a lot of podcasts (not comedy-specific ones though), and I think guys provide as many background chuckles as anybody else.

    If there was ever a podcast where someone was constantly fake laughing, I would stop listening. I haven’t found it to be a problem on anything other than lame commercial radio stations I have to listen to on the bus/at work.

    Also, I tried to make it through this episode straight-faced and couldn’t. Boxcutters wins.

  8. Nelly Thomas says:

    Thanks Helen.

    By the way, I was exceptional at Math. Wilson Tuckey (yes, THE Iron Bar) presented me with a Math award at my school in WA 3 years running.

    (I can’t even add up now, but that’s another story).


  9. Paul Boxcutter says:

    @Nelly Yay! Laughing Nelly is ace…. plus it makes the boys work harder at being funny πŸ˜‰

  10. David Ubergeek says:

    Speaking of Grand Finals. Did you see today’s Herald-Sun just casually mentioning that Saturday’s telecast will NOT be in High Definition? I wonder why. I know the legislation won’t allow certain shows (like AFL) to be shown on a digital channel before it’s shown on analog, but I can’t see how that impacts this case.

  11. Paul Boxcutter says:

    @David – it won’t be in HD, as 7’s HD channel is 7mate….. so you’ll be able to watch Bewitched or something on their HD channel ;(

    Oh and Brett – I got my letter from Foxtel, new channels, no increase in price πŸ˜‰

  12. Q: why should you not run over a Collinwood supporter on a bicycle?

    A: it might be your bicycle πŸ˜‰


    PS Nelly, the complainant may very well have that perception of you but I think you laugh unobtrusively naturally charmingly and honestly so don’t change one little bit πŸ™‚ and don’t give it another thought.

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