Ep 257: Conviction Kitchen’s Vital

Conviction Kitchen Screenshot
Courteney Hocking sits in the co-host chair to talk to Jean-Vital Syverin, the sous chef from Conviction Kitchen.

We take a look at the new sketch comedy from the Independent Film Channel in the US, Portlandia.

Toby Halligan’s Trotters brings us home and there’s the week’s TV news and what you should watch this week.

Courteney and our very own Toby Halligan have a special Comedy Festival edition of Political Asylum. It will be funny.

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  1. David Boxcutter says:

    Fetch TV is just so fetch.

  2. I thought the rules of Watch One Thing was that it should be on free TV. For the past few weeks Josh has had one thing on Foxtel. Thanks Josh that rules out about 70% of us.

  3. David Boxcutter says:

    70% of us may not have access to Foxtel, but there’s always bittorrent.

  4. Lyndal Boxcutter says:

    I’ve culled a list from Michael Idato’s article about axed programs on Australian TV.
    Any thoughts from the Boxcutters listeners about which shows on here deserved a longer run and which deserved to never see the light of day? I personally have a soft spot still for The Comedy Sale.

    There does seem to be a predominance of shows from Seven – does this show that they are more willing to take risks by putting new programs on air or that their hair is the most on fire?

    Ben Elton’s Live from Planet Earth (Nine, 2011)
    Let Loose Live, (Seven, 2005)
    The Comedy Sale (Seven, 1993)
    The Hamish & Andy Show (Seven, 2004)
    The Big News (Seven, 1999)
    The Eric Bana Show Live (Seven, 1997)
    The Mick Molloy Show (Nine, 1999)
    Live at Five (Nine)
    Sydney Extra (Nine, 1992)
    This Afternoon (Nine, 2009)
    I Do, I Do? (Ten, 1996)
    Alan Jones Live (Ten, 1994)
    Doug Mulray’s Naughtiest Home Videos (Nine, 1992)
    The Master (Seven, 2006)
    Dog Eat Dog (Seven, 2002)
    The Chat Room (Seven, 2003)
    One of Us (Nine, 1995)
    Talking Telephone Numbers (Seven, 1996)
    Australia Versus (Seven, 2010)
    Family Double Dare (Ten, 1989)
    Yasmin’s Getting Married (Ten, 2006)
    Let’s Do Lunch (ABC, 1990)
    Cuckoo in the Nest (Seven, 1978)
    The Bob Morrison Show (Nine, 1994)
    Clever (Nine, 2006)
    Our Place (Nine, 2005)
    The Resort (Ten, 2004)
    Taurus Rising (Nine, 1982)
    Arcade (Ten, 1980)
    Family and Friends (Nine, 1990)

  5. David Boxcutter says:

    Eric Bana’a show could have lived longer, I think. Never saw “The Comedy Sale” so I have no comment on that one.

  6. David Ubergeek says:

    Hey y’all. Bit late, but did you mix up the Telstra T-Box with the T-Pad in this ep? I got the impression you did, but I could be wrong. T-Box being the IPTV and FTA TV box and T-Pad being the umm, err iPad approximation 🙂

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