Ep 273: Falling Skies, Phoenix

You wanted us to review Falling Skies so we did. It’s a humans versus aliens war and we have to work out whether it’s worth watching.

Courteney’s been watching some Australian classic television. She talks about Phoenix in Things You May Have Missed and it causes us to reminisce a bit about the good Australian TV of the past.

Then, while we’re in the mood, we take a look back at Angry Boys and try to work out whether or not it was successful.

[audio:http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/media.boxcutters.net/BCep273.mp3|titles=Episode 273|artists=Boxcutters]

You can watch Falling Skies on Fox 8, Thursday nights at 8:30pm.

If You Watch One Thing

  • Breaking Bad, 10pm Sunday, 7 August, AMC (in the USA)
  • Gruen Transfer 9pm Wednesday, 3 August, ABC1 (in Australia)
  • Malcolm Turnbull addressing the National Press Club, 12:30pm Wednesday, 3 August, ABC1 (also in Australia)


  1. Just for those who transfer the shows to CD, I have undertaken some technical production wizardry and brought it in one second under 80 minutes.

    Points go to whoever can identify where, first.


  2. Ben Boxcutter-Roxas says:

    Does anyone still burn to CD? Just curious. I’d quite like 2 hour Boxcutters 🙂

    It was me that sent the Muppets link Brett mentioned. It was:

    Weekend At Kermie’s: The Muppets’ Strange Life After Death [The Awl]

    • Apparently they do burn to CD for listening in the car – that’s what I’m told, anyway.

      That article was quite an interesting read – I had no idea they had used Kermit for one of the US talent shows. The Disney stuff isn’t surprising. And the video links of the early advertising/ corporate videos using Muppets devoid of much character or lacking the counter cultural element were hard to look away from – though the IBM bits parroting the lines from the employee manual were difficult to take.

  3. Adam D(oxcutter) says:

    Boland’s doing it again. Look at this piece he wrote for Mumbrella:


    The (Google+) groups are created by me and seen only by me. So while my ex-boss can tell that she’s in one of my circles, she has no idea I’ve placed her in a group called “people never to trust”.

  4. Ben Boxcutter-Roxas says:

    I saw that Boland arranged an on-air Google+ “Hang Out” this morning too. The derp is strong…

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