Ep 285: Parents & Abandonment

It’s a superstar episode with Courteney Hocking, John Richards and Glenn Peters all making appearances.

Courteney joins Brett and Josh to discuss what it’s like when we watch TV with our parents. Which shows survive the intergenerational divide?

Then John and Glenn, proving they are different people, discuss the concept of abandoning TV shows.

[audio:http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/media.boxcutters.net/BCep285.mp3|titles=Episode 285|artists=Boxcutters]

We’d love to hear your experiences with these issues in the comments.

Since recording this episode, radio station MTR has faced closure and it looks like Sam Newman might loose his job there.

So the lesson is: don’t mess with Courteney Hocking.


  1. Those carts. Jesus Christ. What was that? I feel like my brain was just molested by a Skrull.
    As for watching tv with your parents, as I’ve said before, we all watch Jeopardy! together. However, there is one show that I don’t actually watch *with* my parents, but *because* of them. My father has a strange, strange obsession with Gray’s Anatomy. I don’t live with him, but once every two weeks or so, we call each other, which means we need something to talk about, so I began watching Gray’s Anatomy. We now schedule our phone calls around each episode of Gray’s Anatomy.
    The things we do for family.

  2. Glenn Peters says:

    That Sam Newman audio is outrageous.

  3. The only show I watched with my parents as an adult was The Bill, when I would come home on weekends from uni and be hanging out at home on Saturday nights. I developed an odd fondness for it after watching so many episodes, because they were dedicated watchers, and the TV was in the only warm room in the house during winter (also this is pre-“internet in every room” so what else was I going to do – read?).

    Mum would watch while multi-tasking sewing and reading the paper (loudly because they were big crackly broadsheets) because paying attention to one 40 minute TV show once a week was too much to ask, but she would always manage to criticise the female actors’ appearance and tsk at the criminal underclass. Dad would sit and watch quietly until ordered to go and make tea.

    I don’t miss The Bill at all.

    P.S. Sam Newman is the salmonella-ridden regurgitant you would find on January 26 on a discarded Australian flag left in the gutter.

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