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Ep 318: Breaking Bad & Mad Men

Courteney takes a post modern look at Breaking Bad, Mad Men with a little bit of Dexter thrown in. It becomes a fascinating discussion of the journey of men in current American TV. Fascinating!

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Ep 285: Parents & Abandonment

It’s a superstar episode with Courteney Hocking, John Richards and Glenn Peters all making appearances.

Courteney joins Brett and Josh to discuss what it’s like when we watch TV with our parents. Which shows survive the intergenerational divide?

Then John and Glenn, proving they are different people, discuss the concept of abandoning TV shows.

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Mia Cross has started to Twitter. That’s right. The fictional, plagiarising Lolita from Californication is now also pretending to be a real person in the lead-up to the new series of the show that disappointed everybody with its final episode.

Showtime, the cable network in the US that produces Californication has been using viral marketing on the web quite well for some of their programmes. Most notable is the video/SMS campaign for the second season of Dexter.

The thing is, Mia Cross is totally the kind of character who would start on Twitter because their agent thought it was a good and quick way to get a profile without them even understanding the concept of the community or how it works.

Meanwhile, Lost‘s ?ber-invasive conspiracy body, The Dharma Initiative, has been seeking and testing new recruits. Fans of Lost, me included, are excited to get an insight into the organisation that harnessed the magical island’s magnetic energy and ran tests on humans and animals alike. Actually, some of us, me included, are excited just to get a Dharma Initiative ID card.

The question that comes to mind, though, is what are the marketing people thinking this does for a show? Will it build audience directly? Will it strengthen the brand in a viewer’s mind so that he or she becomes an evangalist for the programme? Or is it just throwing crap at a wall and hoping it sticks?