Ep 339: Sabour Bradley’s Head First

Sabour Bradley is the writer, director and host of the new ABC2 factual series, Head First, but can it be called documentary? He takes us through the mind of a daredevil in search of the truth.

Also, splendid chap and Graeme Garden impersonator, Ben McKenzie comes on board with a slew of facts to be checked and man of passion, Glenn Peters expresses his unchecked opinions on the Checkout.


The Checkout has links to all of the reports and videos Glenn talked about in his bit.

Here’s a screengrab of a terrible photocopy of that British comedy family tree Ben was talking about.

Read about the useless ban on live odds during sport and why people are calling for a ban on booze ads during the footy.

Or you can actually read the proposed document itself.


  1. Glenn Peters says:

    Swisse now suing The Checkout. Swisse also want the clip to be taken off their site so you better have a look at it before anything happens.


    From The Age’s muckraker, Ben Butler….

    The family behind high-profile vitamins company Swisse has hit back at ABC TV’s consumer show The Checkout, with the father of the company’s chief executive claiming he was ‘‘severely injured in his reputation and standing’’ by the program.

    In a writ filed with the Victorian Supreme Court on April 26, Avni Sali, the father of Swisse chief executive Radek Sali, claims that The Checkout defamed him by saying he ‘‘manipulated’’ clinical tests of a Swisse appetite suppressant to benefit the company.

    Read it all at http://bit.ly/Yi7D4M

  2. I am appreciative that I have been schooled and corrected by the erudite and fine-natured Mr McKenzie. He instantly goes in my list of Favourite FactCheckers Who Also Have Another Podcast With A Boxcutter.

  3. Daniel D Boxcutter says:

    Great interview with Sabour Bradley. Thanks again for a fine show.

    Also, thanks for getting in quickly on the Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band error Josh. I was worried I’d have to go all Fred on Glenn’s ass.

    I was interested to hear Glenn’s take on The Checkout. I think I see where he’s coming from but I can’t get past the “look how funny I’m being”, Chaser-style irritations and the “we better be visually interesting here” bits that pepper the show. I’m not saying The Checkout is without insight and integrity but I find the whole almost unwatchable due to the overproduced and over-written aspects of the program.

    I would love a show that took Media Watch’s sensibility to the issue of consumer rights and dodgy corporate practises. By all means, be snarky and humourous. But the “look I’m being kidnapped by Al Qaida” stuff annoys the crap out of me and serves to undermine what may well be a solid point. If Alan Fels has something interesting to say, I am happy to just watch him say it without his face being superimposed on airport flight boards, mobile phones, phone bills etc.. Just annoying.

    Or maybe my attention span is too long for this show . Dunno.

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