Ep 349: Rectify

As we count down to Boxcutters 2.0 with more tearful goodbyes, the good times keep trundling along.

We review Rectify, starring Australia’s own Aden Young, showing on the Sundance Channel.

With the official commencement of the federal election campaign, Josh isn’t buying either of the offerings from the major parties, TV commercial wise.

And Dave gives a little wave as Josh heads towards the gangplank.

[audio:http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/media.boxcutters.net/BCep349.mp3|titles=Episode 349|artists=Boxcutters]


The Labor campaign ad.

The Liberal campaign ad.

The Greens don’t have an ad and Christine Milne isn’t happy about it.




  1. David Boxcutter says:

    It’s unfortunate to hear that Donald Lawson will be continuing on Boxcutters.

  2. Trudy Boxcutter says:

    Dear Boxcutters, change is normal, natural, inevitable, exciting … and sad (:. I will miss those who are leaving, thank you so much for your efforts to date. Before you go, can you tell me, is it wrong that we love TV so much? If so, then why? If not, then why not? Trudy xxx

  3. Trudy Boxcutter says:

    Dear Josh and Courtney, thank you for your excellent answers to my question. As context, before I found Boxcutters, I pretty much watched TV obsessively on the down low. I have been exposed to derogatory comments about TV and people who watch a lot of it. Then I discovered Boxcutters. You inspired me to come out of the TV closet and be proud. Smart and funny people who love TV like me – joy. Aw-shucks that you mentioned me in your thank yous Josh – will miss you heaps xxx.

  4. When Josh told his sonic screwdriver joke and the room went silent, I thought “well played everyone”.

    Thirty seconds into the silence I thought “wow, they are really playing the long game on making Josh feel the shame for that joke”.

    After two minutes I thought “well, they’re just inserting silence in editing at this stage, surely” and checked what the running time was on the episode.

    That’s when I realised that I’d accidentally unplugged by headphones and there had been no silence.

  5. Just to note that Rectify starts of SBS 1 at 09:30 Thursday 06 February 2014, in case anyone has missed the ads 🙂

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