Ep 352: Ray Donovan

Dave’s back!! Yes, Dave Lawson returns to us on this episode where we review the Showtime series, Ray Donovan, starring Liev Schreiber.

Our Angry Old Man makes his debut.

Marian kicks off her All My Crushes segment and also takes a look at the latest Bad Reality TV treat, The Bachelor.

It’s a cracker of an episode – get your ears around it now.

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Taylor Glockner

All Marian’s Crushes

To listen back to that interview we talk about, with Pete Rowsthorn, it’s in episode 237.

What to Watch:
Brett: New Girl
Marian: An Accidental Soldier
Rachel: The Mindy Project
Dave: Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery

Take a look at the new UK series, Big School, and send us your thoughts before 7pm Monday (AEST), when we will be reviewing it.


  1. Marian Blythe says:

    FYI – I didn’t post that pic ^ … I might be letchy but I’m not *that* letchy … in public.

  2. David Boxcutter says:

    Regarding Reality TV – what about Top Chef Masters or The Amazing Race Canada? Those have been pretty good. Or do they not count as reality shows anymore?

    As for gender politics, what makes “You’re 28 – go and shag as many people as possible” a more desirable or less out-dated choice than “I’d like to have a husband and family”? Wanting to shag a lot of people is hardly a new invention of the 21st Century.

    The commentary on those topics seems extremely reductive to me. Would it be the same if it were a heterosexual male saying he wants to shag as many girls as possible, or a gay man saying he wanted to get married?

    • David Boxcutter says:


      I’m also not sure what being a doctor has to do with her lifestyle decisions.

    • Marian Blythe says:

      Hi David, re the reality shows, I haven’t seen the ones you mentioned – will have to check them out. Was just commenting on the ones I’d seen.

      Regarding “shagging as many people as possible” – I’d give that advice to everyone – no matter age/sex/sexual preference. But that’s just my opinion – people should do what they want. They generally do.

      I think you’re wrong about it being an equally out-dated notion in the context though. Being a sexually promiscuous woman and not being judged for it actually IS a radical idea. Unfortunately these women seem to want to pin their hopes and aspirations onto a possible future husband that may or may not exist. The fact that some of them are successful/gainfully employed was surprising to me because I would have thought that financially secure, successful, educated women would not feel the need to degrade themselves, (the tasks they are made to do are definitely degrading), on national television for five minutes of fame and/or a date with a jerk, (yes, I’ve since decided he’s a jerk).

      Boxcutters isn’t a feminist academic podcast – it’s a tv/comedy podcast, and even though I have studied gender and feminism, I was mostly poking fun. So sorry if I caused offense – I’m still finding my groove … Boxcutters rule of three and all that 😉

      • David Boxcutter says:

        Fair enough. I don’t think it’s that radical an idea… perhaps even a throwback to the 70s.

        I guess I’m not a fan of binary opposites – it doesn’t have to be “shag as many people as possible” or “desperately pine for a husband.” Although I know that’s what you were addressing in the show.

        Also, do you really mean it? Do you just shag anybody you come across, no matter how unattractive you find them? Or for that matter how violent or dangerous they may be?

  3. Great show guys! It would be hard to discuss EVERY single reality show out there!!! It seems everything on TV is a reality show! You’d need a trillion hours. I enjoy your commentary, and hearing about the shows i havent yet seen.

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