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Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities: The Review

Earlier this week I sat down to watch the first episode of Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities.

What I found was a disappointing display of potential that had been dashed upon the rocks of Australian commercial television.

In the first episode we’ve got two main characters, Robert Trimbole (played by the excellent Roy Billing) and Terry Clark (who looks a lot like Matthew Newton with a moustache).

These could be complex characters but they seem to be whittled down to a couple of key phrases including: “Don’t you cross me” and “Where’s my money?” The latter of which can be really interesting as in the paper boy from Better Off Dead but in this case just comes across as one-dimensional.

The main problem is that the story-telling is so rushed we aren’t given the opportunity to get emotionally invested in any of the characters . So we have no reason to keep watching because we really don’t care if they live or die (and they are most likely going to die).

There also seems to be a rule that a random woman must show her breasts every 12 minutes or people will turn off.

I find the whole thing condescending and a little bit boring which is disappointing because we really could have some great television here. The stories themselves, told by somebody who cares, are fascinating and exciting. Unfortunately here it’s like they’re told by someone who not only doesn’t care, but also wants to get away from you as soon as possible.

Underbelly 2: A Tale of Two Cities airs on Monday nights at 9:30 on Nine.

Episode 168 will be available on Tuesday night

Due to the nature of our arrangement with 3RRR, the best radio station in the world, we sometimes have to give up our spot in the studio so that they can train new people to make more excellent radio.

As such, we’ll record Episode 168 on Tuesday and it will be available on Tuesday night.

To make this fair to everybody, we’ll record Episode 169 on Sunday. One day late, one day early, and it all evens up in the wash.

Sorry for the late notice.

Boxcutters comments get even more social

In the spirit of opening things up and making them more social for everybody, we’ve just added Facebook Connect to our comments.

Now you can integrate your love for Boxcutters with your need for Facebook attention.


OK, so it took us a little while to figure out what was going wrong but it turns out our contact form wasn’t working properly. Bad Contact Form!

It has been disciplined appropriately and we are all sincerely sorry if any of your messages went missing over the past few weeks.

In other news, we’ve opened up our comments using the Disqus system. It means you no longer have to log in to comment meaning you can write your rant and get out before anyone catches you.

There’s also our Facebook page where you can become a fan and see other people in the Boxcutters family.

Enjoy the new openness.

Louis Theroux, literally…

I was going to bring this up in Pork (or “Brett’s Special Moment” as Josh and I have now renamed it) but we ran out of time…

You may remember back in episode 155 we talked about Louis Theroux, who is now (rather belatedly) playing on Channel 7. They seem to have bought an enormous package of Theroux, covering everything from his first Weird Weekends series running through to his later stand-alone pieces. Well, if you think too much Theroux is barely enough, there’s a book you can read as well…

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Boxcutters’ very own James Talia has a piece in today’s Australian giving a great insight into what it’s like for journalists far from home but dealing with a story that really hits home emotionally.

It’s definitely worth having a read.

How Croatian authorities failed the Lapthorne family from the Australian.

No Boxcutters This Week

Due to circumstances beyond our control, including 3RRR training sessions, we won’t be able to bring you Boxcutters this week.

We will endeavour to bring you as much news and opinion about television via the blog to fill the gap.

Next week it’s back to business as usual with Boxcutters going up onto the internetwebs late on a Monday night.

Thanks for your understanding.

You can always email us or text us on 0458 288 837.

A small delay and more survey hassling

Due to circumstances beyond our control, namely 3RRR needing to use the studios that we use for recording the podcast each and every week, episodes 149 and 150 will be recorded on Tuesday nights.

That means they will probably be available for download around 11:30pm Tuesday, AEST.

Thanks for understanding.

By the way, anybody who wants to fill out a more detailed survey (takes about 10 minutes) can do so here.

Thanks to everybody who has already filled it out

Vale: Mark Priestley

In very sad news today, reports that Mark Priestley who played Dan Goldman in All Saints was found dead in Sydney. He had apparently been suffering from depression. (See stories at: The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald and the ABC online.)

Anybody who had seen All Saints in the last four years would have been aware of Priestley’s exceptional talent. His natural style and extraordinary range helped raise the quality of the show in a time of difficult transition. It was always a pleasure to watch him work.

He was nominated in 2007 for an AFI award in the Best Guest or Supporting Actor in Television Drama category.

It is shocking news and our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Support for depression can be sought by calling:

Sometimes we all need a break

The past couple of months have been all go go go at Boxcutters HQ so we’ve decided to take a week off. We’ll be back with our big 140th 139th episode on July 7th.

We hope you can find out a way to entertain yourselves until then.

On another note, thanks to Paddy who created a Boxcutters Wikipedia page. Unfortunately it was taken down fairly quickly because, apparently, it didn’t have enough information. Thanks for trying, Paddy.

Anyone who wants to give it another go, please, be our guest. You might want to have a look at some other podcast descriptions on Wikipedia.