Ep 114: Survivor, Make me a Supermodel

Does product placement enhance or ruin a tv show? Does Channel 9 hate Survivor, its viewers or are they just losing sight of their audience? Does a 17 year old girl who thinks she’s a vampire have what it takes to be a Supermodel?

These questions and more are answered in episode 114 of Boxcutters.

Ask some questions of your own.


  1. On product placement: They are starting to add products (digitally) to DVD films which were not in the original theatrical release.

  2. I think Wilfred was a great show and it deserved to win the AFI. Perhaps Thank God You’re Here wasn’t eligible because it doesn’t meet the AFI criteria of being substantially scripted; however, I think it would have been eligible for the Light Entertainment award.
    David Tench Tonight was an interesting concept with shit execution. The Chaser’s War…, whilst occasionally amusing, is quite hit and miss.
    Supernova screened on UKTV and was a joint production with BBC. It starred Rob Brydon (Marion and Geoff) and a number of recognisable Australian actors whose names escape me, and was set in an observatory in the outback. I watched it… it had its moments, but mostly felt a little laboured and tending towards “tv as tourism” – panoramic shots, eccentric outback characters, “look at the funny foreigner in a strange land” kind of thing.

    What other shows do you think should have been nominated that meet the AFI criteria?

    All eligible Television entries must be:

    * Australian productions,
    * produced for television and broadcast in Australia for the first time between 19 October 2006 ? 26 September 2007

    All eligible Comedy Series must be:

    * a situation comedy or sketch series comprising at least four substantially scripted episodes of no more than one commercial television hour in length, of either
    1. self- contained stories or a continuing story with an ongoing plot and characters; or
    2. a series of unrelated sketches.
    * Three episodes must be entered under one entry fee.

    PS: It’s The Doctor, Robbie Buck and Marieke on TripleJ breakfast next year.

    PPS: consider yerselves Flaming Edgared.

  3. I am not going to write a list of shows because I am sure there are reasons why all of them were not nominated, but looking at it broadly the resurgence in Australian comedy has been one of the stories of local television this year. The level of critical acclaim and or audience response has been astounding.

    I just don?t think (with the exception of The Chaser) this list of nominees reflects that in the slightest.

  4. catbrain says:

    I think the category will be very strong next year and that the only reason it wasn’t this year is timing. I don’t agree that there was a resurgence in Australian comedy in the first half of this year, unless you’re talking about overall quantity of product, rather than good product. Just because the audience response was good doesn’t make it the “best” show (and this is a peer-voted award).

    Based on the AFI criteria, I was suprised that Summer Heights High didn’t make it in, but perhaps the whole series has to screen within the timeframe.

  5. Yes, I agree.

  6. awesome show guys, and great to hear some potty mouth… 🙂

    re: wilfred, um, pizza was a tropfest, and the first two seasons were pretty good…

  7. also: product placement.

    you’ve got to revisit sylvester stallones cobra.

    opening scene, cobra hides behind a pepsi standee during a shoot out.

    then he gets home, needs some time alone, so he goes onto his roof, and takes some quiet time infront of a pepsi billboard.

    then there’s the hospital shootout. watch cobra run from pepsi vending machine to pepsi vending machine for cover…

    but the best moment, the final scene after you think the bad guy has been killed. cobra’s mate pops into a convenience store and buys a can of coke. cobra says “why do you drink that, its bad for you?” before his mate can answer, he is shot to death by the bad guy..

    so incredibly subtle it hurts..

  8. On product placement, I was interested to note that after watching an episode of the US Office, where they all played Call of Duty against each other after work, that promotional ‘something’ had been paid by Activision…. and to be honest, if it wasn’t for that in the credits, I would have missed it completely as product placement….

  9. ActualChad says:

    Damn you O’Keefe!

    I always thought that it would be funny to call my late-night talk/variety show “The Late Chad Lockwood”.

    It’s a little black, a little true (because I’m always a little late. Oh, btw “Bender Bending Rodriguez”. Did I win?) and a little chronologically correct.

    I mentioned it once in passing to my mother-in-law, who hmmmed and said seriously “…but people will think you’re dead…” Me:”hence the funny”, which was followed by my first receival of the mother-in-law stare. ahh… good times…

    Now I’ll never be able to use it!

    Fume! Fume, I say…

    Hopefully, no-one will use my No. 2 suggestion:
    “Bloody Hell! It’s Chad Lockwood!”


  10. David Boxcutter says:

    I’ll have to remember Pepsi the next time I get shot at. Could save my life.

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