Call us now about Daria

We’re recording this week’s Boxcutters episode a couple of days earlier because of various Monday night commitments.

Therefore, if you want to call us to talk about Daria Morgendorfer or any other character you think should be listed in the Greatest TV Characters of All Time, you need to do so before 2pm Saturday to get in for this episode.

+613 9016 9269 will get you some voicemail goodness. Leave a message after the beep and we’ll pick it up.

If you’re on Skype you can just search for Boxcutters and you’ll find us.

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  1. Folks,

    sorry that I'm a week or two behind with the podcast but is it too late to say that Daria is a GREAT nominee for the list of great characters?

    Nellie, check out a couple of eps, it really is a wonderful show.

    Peter Milne

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