Ep 229: Daria, Nelly’s Magic Box

We really say the word “box” about 50 times in this episode. We can be so infantile sometimes. Those are the times we like the best.

We look at Daria as a contender for the Greatest TV Characters of All Time.

Nelly talks about her new PVR.

And there’s some other stuff.

Don’t forget to let us know about your list of the greatest TV characters of all time.

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  1. catbrain says:

    Love your Magic Box, Nelly.

    I'm with Brett on Mr Rosenbachs – never met him, but I find his humour on panel shows is try-hard. No desire to see his stand-up, as a result.

    And BTW – like The Tote, The Rainbow closed for a short time but changed owners and re-opened with live music again. I was there on Saturday night.

  2. As the one who nominated a Mr. J. Talia, let me just say this;

    “O Rly? “

  3. oh I'm desperate to know which Magic Box Nelly has, the whole 'syncing wirelessly with my computer' thing has me all excited!

  4. Santo, Sam and Ed is great, its just a lighthearted look at the cup, personally Sam is on fire there, really shining through, some jokes/things work, some don't, but I really enjoy the show. Great to see Sam getting a little more 'mainstream' exposure…..

    Although it counts for little, I highly recommend it.

  5. Nelly complains that Brett hasn't done any research when discussing “If you watch one thing” When clearly she should be looking at herself…

    In her only segment of the week, “Her Magic Box”, she didn't know the name of the PVR or even that the box was called a PVR..

    I was hoping for an actual discussion on new options on Recording TV.. Such as PVR, Play Tv for PS3 or TIVO and the reasons why she bought the one she did. Even a review on the actual model she bought rather than – oh look at the Magic stuff it does… Maybe next get Nelly's husband in as he's the one who actually had done the research…

  6. darrenboxcutter says:

    SC I agree with your comments.

    I am in the market for a PVR and have the same requirements of Nelly.

    Can we please get someone on who knows a little about PVRs.

  7. SC I hear what you're saying, but I can honestly say I very much doubt if you'd actually want to hear me attempting to discuss technical options and issues such as these. It's really not my thing and I venture a guess that I'd infuriate you (and others) with my obvious lack of knowledge in this area.

    We decided that I'd talk about the “magic box” from the point of view of a novice who's excited about the technology, and that's what I did. Sorry that wasn't what you were after from that discussion.

    Would you like us to get in an expert to talk about PVRs and related technology? if so, I'll hunt around for someone.


  8. Just a little character up-date for you all. The discussion has inspired me to go back and watch some favourites as well as discover some new shows. I am currently watching Press Gang and re-watching Roseanne. OMFG, I have fallen in love with Roseanne all over again – I highly recommend a re-watch. I had forgotten how brilliant and funny Roseanne herself is. Wonderful stuff.


  9. PS For those interested in my magic box it is a “Beyond Wiz DP Light”. As mentioned above however, let's get a proper expert in to chat about options. Ta, Nelly

  10. I quite liked hearing the discussion on Nelly's Magic Box, partially because I have the maturity of a twelve year old boy and therefore giggled stupidly at the first few 'box' references, and partially because it was fun hearing Nelly that excited. It felt like listening to a little kid hyped up on kool-aid and jujubes. 😀

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