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Ep 336: Top of the Lake, Logies

A co-production between three countries about a small town in New Zealand that first airs on US television? It’s not some make-believe parallel universe. It’s Top of the Lake, the new TV show by Jane Campion and friends.

Also, are the Logies now just the blood stains on the handkerchief that betray Australian television’s consumption? Come with us as we discuss it all and play some Devil’s Avocado.

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Episode 335: Songs with TV, The Americans

Everybody’s favourite human, Ben McKenzie talks to us about songs, singles and albums tied to television shows. Then we review the FX show, The Americans.

Also, Dave Lawson continues to be hilarious.

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Ep 334: The Following, Big Reunion

Look, I won’t lie to you. This episode might be a bit messy. We make some great points about the Kevin Bacon series created by Kevin Williamson, The Following, but they might not all be in the right order. And we say good-bye to Brenna. Sad face.

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Guests and controversial discussion: that’s what you get from this episode. Kirsten Drysdale is part of the new ABC TV show The Checkout, Steele Saunders is the host of the I Love Green Guide Letters podcast and we review the Ricky Gervais series, Derek.

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Ep 332: Con Frantzeskos, House of Cards

You’ve heard a lot about House of Cards but you haven’t heard it from us. So put your little earbuddies in and check it out.

Also, Con Frantzeskos of the Penso Agency tells us all about how TV advertising works, how networks can best use the concept of the second screen and what everyone is getting wrong.

Glenn Peters and Brenna Courtney Glazebrooke fill out the panel and a good time is had by all.

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Ep 331: Girls, Reducta

Sure, we’re looking at Girls for the second week in a row. Maybe because we think the show is worth it or maybe it’s because we’re all out of ideas. You decide. We’re too busy concentrating on what makes good TV. Meanwhile there’s also terrible ads to talk about and letters to read out. That’s alright, you sit right there, we’ll do everything. Courteney Hocking is in this episode. You like her.

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Ep 330: MKR vs. MasterChef

In our remarkable return from the fight at Reichenbach Falls, we begin, once again, to investigate the world of television and what it’s good for.

We cover the way Girls has been covered in the media. Nelly Thomas tells us all about My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef: The Professionals. Also, in our news we spend a bit more time seeing the dinosaurs cough some of their last breaths as we look at Channel Ten and the relaunch of SBS 2.

Strap in because there’s some bumps ahead.

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Ep 329: Women and 2nd Screens

Look. We’re not going to lie to you. This is the last episode of Boxcutters for the year. For the rest of the year you will have to busy yourself by playing this episode over and over again.

We have a little look at the concept of the second screen and try to evaluate its worth.

Also, Courteney looks at women in the workplace on TV and asks if they’re being portrayed honestly.

Listen and enjoy:

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Ep 328: Death and Horror

You want the laughs and good joy times? Well, we have an episode all about death and horror to knock that smile and cheer right off your face. Take that, Happy Pants.

John takes you through death affected tv shows while Josh tries to look at the difficulties of horror on the small screen or something.

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Ep 327: Looking back at Europe

We take a look back at the last couple of years and give little updates on how shows have behaved since we first cast our eyes upon them.

Glenn posits that Europe is beating HBO’s pants, Brett fails to understand how calendars work and Brenna brings back some Australian classics.

Listen to it or be shamed in the face of your peers.

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