Ep 237: Peter Rowsthorn, Let the Blood Run Free

PeteRowsthorn.jpgAre you sad, alone, or just generally unhappy with your life? Then you need the LATEST EPISODE OF BOXCUTTERS!

Star of Kath & Kim, Comedy Company, Let the Blood Run Free and, most recently Can We Help, Peter Rowsthorn joins us in the studio to discuss his extensive career.

We also get a chance to talk to him about one of the nominees for Greatest TV Character of All Time, Matron Dorothy Conniving Bitch.

It will make your life better!

Send us an email about all the things we asked you to this week.

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There’s a great competition on at the moment for students interested in advertising or directing. It’s called Shout Out For Climate Change and there are some great prizes available.

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Here’s some of Pete Rowsthorn and Lynda Gibson in their Let The Blood Run Free finest.


  1. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Looking forward to this one. Any idea when it will appear on iTunes? My handheld device computer says “No”.

  2. Paul Boxcutter says:

    Wow! Portia DeGeneres as the new boss in the Office, that would be awesome if played in the style of Veronica from Better off Ted, then Murray, awesome, then Kenny F Powers… .man, I think they need to do this as threeshare job role…. one each episode, that would be fantastic!

    If you dig @KF*(kingP, check out Stevie Janowski’s twitter feed, @SF*(kingJ , his last Friday’s ‘Follow Friday’ tweet was the gold!

    Brett, FFS, your “what’s in Brett’s crack-pipe this week” about One and advertising, where do you come up with this crap?

    As for the 3RRR Subscription, I’ve done this since you guys started, I just want to get the on air reader (this year I was pitching for Tom Elliot, as he’s been on the show) to just mention the podcast, I know it’s not on the list, and I make that clear to the operator so that it doesn’t do their heads in, I figure a little publicity can’t hurt. Sadly though I’ve only managed to get it read out the first year I tried it :(. (TE skipped over it this time). I still reckon all other Boxcutters Family members should try the same tactic…. 😉

  3. John Richards says:

    I didn’t get to mention this on the show, but I agree Paul – everyone on the list of potential bosses for The Office would be great. I wonder if they could work it so the boss gets replaced every episode (or few episodes) – like Number 2 in The Prisoner. It could be fun to have this workplace that is completely destabalised by constant change of direction from the top – although that might work better in a six-part UK style series than an ongoing US one.

  4. John Richards says:

    Also, just renewed my RRR memebership. Hurrah!

  5. Natalie Boxcutter says:

    Josh, you said the President of United States statement about them being the kings of the single entendre was said not by Leaping Larry as you first thought, but by Brett Duck / Anthony Morgan. You’re not implying that Brett Duck was Anthony Morgan are you? Brett Duck is Brett McLeod and Anthony Morgan is Anthony Morgan.

  6. Josh Kinal says:

    @Natalie, this is again where Brett Cropley’s metaphorical crack pipe gets us into trouble. While I’m trying to finish a sentence he just keeps throwing names in the air and when I finally do get to say what I started, it’s just confusing for you, our wonderful listeners.

    I said “Anthony Morgan”. I thought it was Leaping Larry L but it was really Anthony Morgan. Any other names you heard in that bit were said by Brett Cropley who lives to confuse people.

    You are very much correct. Anthony Morgan IS Anthony Morgan and he continues to be to this day.

    To clarify: I was wrong when I mentioned the phrase “Presidents of the United States of America were the kings of the single entendre.” It was originally said by Anthony Morgan.

  7. Natalie Boxcutter says:

    Bre-e-e-e-et *shakes fist*

    BTW, you guys sound the same.

  8. Fifi Box is rubbish.

  9. murrayNE says:

  10. darrenboxcutter says:

    Great chat with Peter Rowsthorn. I love how he doesn’t take any of his jobs too seriously and has plenty of stories.

  11. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Adam D (“BTW, you guys sound the same.”), you know not what you start!

  12. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Sorry. I meant of course …

    Natalie Boxcutter (“BTW, you guys sound the same.”), you know not what you start!

    This new fangled comments layout confused me thar for a second.

  13. How It’s Made is an half-hour show produced in Québec and narrated by a former Olympic figure skater made for public television here… It’s quite interesting, it tends to feature the production of one craft and one product- say, a canoe and some cheezy puffs.

  14. Natalie Bc says:

    @Rob, yes the layout confused me too. I think I’m just getting used to the sounds of their voices ‘cos I’m new to Bc. I would never get John Richards voice confused though, I don’t understand much of what he says. (Sorry John, ya talk too fast).

    @Adam, Fifi Box sooooo sucks. I can’t believe she’s still around. How annoying is she???

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