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Nine’s last quarter crap-tacular

The Herald Sun this week reported on Channel 9?s end of year line up, under the somewhat humorously banner: Nine?s Rating Charge. It referred to a mess of new Nine shows including the ridiculously over the top Damages, Burke?s Backyard Spring Special (I assume Nine are hoping Burke has somehow traversed the divide from old and past it to retro cool in his time away), Surprise, Surprise Gotcha (hohum, a celebrity prank show), The Singing Bee (karaoke) and a bunch of lifestyle rubbish including: Girl?s Of The Playboy Mansion (already screened on Pay TV), RFDS (about the Flying Doctors), The Gift (about organ donation), and Dirty Jobs (about crap jobs people do).

With the exception possibly of Damages that group has the freshness of week old garbage at best.

To borrow a bit of football parlance I think it?s about time Nine started ?tanking?. 2007 is over, start thinking about 2008. In the meantime, try some different ideas, blood some new players.

Here are some things they could try:

*Give shows more than one of two eps to find their audience. ER has disappeared from our screens already. It was always going to struggle up against Californication.

*Weeds is funnier and more irreverent than Californication and could easily be just as much a hit here. Nine could give it a proper run, showing an entire series or two, unedited, in a consistent timeslot with a bit of promotion.

*Why not use the HBO output deal to give Flight Of The Conchords a run? (Same rules apply as for Weeds) Or the new relationship drama Tell Me You Love Me.

I know none of these ideas will help Nine win the rating the rating but neither will this steaming pile of guff they are serving us.

EDIT Channel 9 are apparently going to screen series two of Weeds from Oct 1st at 10:30pm… Whether this means consistent, unedited and promoted screens remains to be seen.

City Homicide

For those of you who missed the premier of Australia’s latest cop drama, City Homicide, Seven wants to make sure that you get your chance to see it because they’re showing it twice in the days leading up to episode 2. Once was last Friday night and the next one will be midday on Monday.

Considering that TV shows are generally bought with a limited number of repeats, has Seven blown its repeat load already?

Are repeats mostly a thing of the past with exceptions for Seinfeld, Simpsons and Raymond (or any other half hour filler on Channel Ten)?

We’re still trying to get a network programming person onto the show to discuss these questions and more.

Marx and Venus

This new show on SBS is an interesting concept poorly planned out. I discussed it at length with Fran Kelly on Radio National this week.

You can listen to it via the internetwebs: Radio National Breakfast (7/8/2007).

Odd programming

Tonight SBS are screening a repeat of Sunday night’s Big Love in the Friday night porn slot and have subtitled it Complete and Uncut. Are we to assume by this that the Sunday night eps are being cut? Very disappointing if they are. I can’t remember anything that would require cutting anyway, even at an 8:30 timeslot, but it was a while ago I watched them and maybe I just didn’t notice.

Also, Alias Season 5 finally makes it to our screens Sunday night. Better late than never I suppose. Worth keeping up with if you are a fan, especially towards the end of the series where things come together (although there is no certainty it will last that long on our screens).

David Gyngel or Lachlan Murdoch?

Catbrain posted a missive from Crikey saying that David Gyngell was a contender for the throne at Nine.

However, e-news show us that Seven have their own theories about Lachlan Murdoch arising.

We welcome all speculation and rumour milling. Feel free to tell us what you’ve heard in our comments.

McGuire boned or willing career shift?

News from Channel 9 this morning that Eddie McGuire will no longer be CEO of the network.

This from the Nine media release:

Mr McGuire said he had greatly enjoyed the executive role but said: “I am of the view
that my best contribution to Nine is in the creative elements of the business and that has
prompted this change.”
“I am looking forward to the change in role and to continue working with the executive
team at Nine. I have made a commitment for the next 5 years and we have a clear
mandate to produce the best local content in Australia.”

Of course, there will be those of us (me) who will say “I told you so” but that’s not the point. Nine was in some trouble when McGuire took over and his job was to make it recover rather than make it worse.

It was a bad move all along. As far as Eddie’s “contribution to the creative elements” goes, well, I’d love to hear what you think that contribution entailed.

It’s Happened

Eddie McGuire has quit as CEO of Channel 9.

According to a statement from the network, McGuire will step down from the role on June 30 to spend more time on air, after taking a mid-year break for the first time in his career.

McGuire says the decision to quit was his and he wasn’t forced to resign.

Talking to Neil Mitchell on 3AW, when asked about his decision, he said: “Because I think it can add a lot more — because I can, to be perfectly honest.

“The opportunities that have been presented in front of me lead me to do some things I’ve always wanted to do and really get the balance right in my life.

“I’m really delighted that all things in my career have come to this point today.

“I am very much up on my toes and excited about my future.”

He said he took on the CEO’s role as a “circuit breaker”.

“I was sick of being on camera. I took the job because I’d had enough of what I was doing.

“In hindsight I should have had a bit of a holiday before taking on the CEO’s job.”

Asked whether he had any plans to return to the Footy Show, he replied: “Not at all”.

Ian Law, the CEO of Nine’s parent company, PBL, said the ratings at the network had taken a hit from McGuire’s on-air absence.

“It has become clear over the past 12 months that Mr McGuire’s absence from on air as a key host has impacted on the ratings of the network,” he said in the statement.

“The performance of 1 v 100 in addition to his executive duties shows how significant Eddie’s contribution can be to our on air line up.”

Eddie will continue as a member of the executive team of Nine, working closely with the director of programming on concepts and ideas for new shows. For the moment, he’ll remain based in Sydney.

Details sourced from The Age, Daily Telegraph, SBS, Bloomberg, NineMSN

The antidote to Ross’ I Don’t Buy It

Here’s a nice little scene I wouldn’t mind the government using our taxes to run in an advertising campaign.

From McLeod’s Daughters:

Opinions on Southpark and Family Guy

So I’ve created a new category for the posts called Southpark v Family Guy. It will show you the posts where all the comments about this topic are as well as whatever we’ve posted about the issue.

After the jump I’ve included a letter from Riley Boxcutter so that no voice goes unheard in this debate.

If you have an opinion, this is where to voice it. If you’ve sent us an email and I haven’t included it, I’m sorry but make me aware of it and I’ll add yours in too.

Enjoy the argument.

Now read the letter(s):
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South Park Vs Family Guy

Dishy challenged South Park fans to try and explain what we found funny about South Park, so here it is. Please excuse the usual spelling and grammatical errors.

Also, please note the plan is to turn all the South Park/Family Guy stuff into one big thread, which Josh is going to do…… Any time now……..[Which you can find here:- Josh]


[Check it out after the jump:- Josh]
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