South Park is back but…

Great to finally have Season 10 about to screen here. As I said in the show 6 months ago it is a top quality series. However it is not without its problems.

Firstly why has it taken SBS so long to screen it? Season 11 has already started in the States. South Park famously has a week turn around from idea to finished product, meaning it can be a relevant, up to the minute satire. This is somewhat negated if SBS don’t screen the episodes for 12 months.

Secondly for some reason SBS is starting with Tsst – a great ep but episode number 8 in the series. For those less numerically inclined that means they have left out episodes one to seven.

My guess is that SBS is trying to make itself as despised as the commercial networks – first ads, now contempt for the viewers by ignoring the running order. How long until they claim these faults are just them responding to viewer suggestion and giving us what we asked for?


  1. I wouldn’t know what SBS’ motivation is. I’m not sure why they would deliberately screw with viewers. There may be some contractual reasons behind the delays, but I don’t understand the out-of-order showing.

    Anyway, enjoy season 10 while it’s on – it’s definitely a high point. The first two episodes of season 11 have been pretty bad (and not at all topical from what I can see). Of course, Matt and Trey are known for having a few bad episodes in a row, and then producing a gem, so it may come good.

  2. Season 10 is great.

    The first ep of Season 11 “With Apologies To Jesse Jackson” is topical given recent attempts by the city of New York to ban the word ‘nigger’.

    Whilst you are probably right – they are probably not deliberately screwing viewers – treating viewers with contempt is little better. And this out of order nonsense is more typical of Channel Ten and their handling of the Simpson over the years.

  3. Ah, I did not know about the NYC ban. Personally, I would have thought they would be better going after the “Obama Barack is not a real black” kerfuffle. It’s more challenging, and has also had more worldwide exposure. Doing “nigger” is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    That episode had some good moments, but I thought episode 2, Cartman Sucks errr, well, sucks.

  4. dishy,

    I completely disagree. “Cartman Sucks” was the first episode I have laughed out loud at multiple times in ages. South Park was not good last season (10). However Season 11 so far is brilliant.

  5. Well, South Park is one of the most controversial shows when it comes to different tastes. I thought that season 10’s double-episode with Cartman going to the future for the Nintendo Wii, and Richard Dawkins and Mrs. Garrison getting together was South Park being great. As was “Mr. Garrison’s Fancy Vagina” that opened the series, if I’m not mistaken.

  6. ‘Mr Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina’ was the opening of Season 9. Season 10 was execptional, with almost all the episodes being good, except for ‘A Million Little Fibres’ (about Towelie’s book and Oprah’s vagina). And ‘Go God Go 1 & 12’ the double future episodes were fantasic.

    I liked last weeks ‘Cartman Sucks’ ep too, but I am a big Butters fan.

  7. “Richard Dawkins and Mrs. Garrison getting together” episode was very good and I agree with Ross “A million little fibres” was a terrible episode as was “Stan’s Cup”. I am not a fan of the Wii, PSP style episodes. I like the more realistic boys getting into trouble style episodes. Not the outrageous ones.

  8. I finally got around to watching it. Firstly I think its a mistake by the programmers for South Park. Its happened with Top Gear too. They went to show one listing (as per the website and my PVR) but when it was shown something else come up. It will be interesting to see what happens next week (I have no idea of the series numbers).

    Personally I think the latest series was probably delayed because of the stink that went down in parliament about the last series, maybe they had to get the “Family last” party to check them off first.

  9. I was wondering whether the controversy had something to do with it too. The end of Season 9 start of 10 had Tom Cruise suing, the “return” of Chef, Bloody Mary and the cartoon wars – all controversial.

    By the way this week SBS are screening the Mystery Of The Urinal Deuce which is two after Tsst.

    The real question is will they show the Steve Irwin featured Hell On Earth 2006 ep.

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