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Ep 347: The Starlost

In the lead-up to the next iteration of Boxcutters, we say good-bye to John Richards in this special episode that no mother should miss.

John wants to make sure that we never forget him, so he brings us the greatest Just Don’t Bother ever. It’s a show called The Starlost.

Then, just in case you were possibly going to forget him, John brings us three ads for I Don’t Buy It.

Also Brett has a reach into his vault but it’s John’s last show so he deserves the attention.

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You might remember, for a long time we were talking about a new Arrested Development season or movie or something. And then one was made. And then we didn’t talk about it for ages. And then we said we’d discuss it but we didn’t.


Also, how much do you know about American exceptionalism? You’re about to know a whole lot more; especially with respect to TV shows post September 11 2001.

And for people who stay all the way to the end, there’s a special surprise!

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Episode 346 is delayed

Sorry to say that this week’s episode won’t be available until next week when we actually record it.

Meanwhile, have a listen to an old episode and think about the good times.

This is a picture of the plane I was on when we should have been recording.

It’s all my fault. Sorry.


Ep 345: The Goodies

The Goodies is confusing because it’s singular and plural, it was shown in Australia for kids but made for very adults, and is revered by all except for a bunch of people involved in making it. Ben McKenzie gets to the bottom of all that.

Also, Brett’s been crawling around his vault again and we get to see what he’s dug up.

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Sammy J and Wednesday Night Fever

People were sick and we still wanted to give you a special something. So Josh interviewed Sammy J about his television career so far and how he feels about hosting a new comedy show on the ABC.

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Ep 344: Hannibal, Live on Bowen

We have an interview with Rob Lloyd, the host of Channel 31’s Live on Bowen about hosting live TV and what he wanted to be when he grew up.

Then, due to popular demand, we review Hannibal. Is it as tasty as everyone says? Is it best viewed while sipping on some fine chianti? Only by listening will you have the answer.

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Ep 343: Banshee

Every now and then a show comes along that really makes you think about the world. Banshee may or may not be that show. We discuss it this week.

Also, why is Josh excited about reading? It must be a book about television. Find out more in this episode, filled with more sex and violence than you could poke an Amish barn at.

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Ep 342: Adam Richard and Celebrities

Have you ever wondered why celebrities actually go onto celebrity reality tv shows? We have. So we ask Adam Richard what the story is. You’re going to be shocked or not.

Also, Brett disturbs us with some people driving tiny little cars and trying to sell us insurance or supermarkets or something.

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Ep 341: Whitlam, Leongatha

Another documentary about Whitlam? You might be shocked to discover they’re not as common as Mad As Hell would have us believe. Penny Robins tells us about creating the new doco for the ABC.

Shane Dunlop is the writer/director of new community television comedy series Leongatha. He tells us about making TV location-based narrative comedy on the thinnest of shoestrings.

For those who demand more Courteney Hocking, she’s our co-host this week.

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Ep 340: In The Flesh, Sweet & Sour

Are you sick of films and tv shows about zombies? Then listen to this discussion of In The Flesh, a three part drama from BBC Three.

Also, John reaches into the past for a Things You May Have Missed about rock’n’roll and the 80s.

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