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In a show that turned out to be surprisingly full, we review the new Fox show, Sleepy Hollow.

We take a look at the stages of mourning with particular focus on the loss of TV shows that have a place in our hearts. For a special one from Dave, check after the jump.

We tell you what to watch and veer off into a discussion about Dave’s burgeoning music video career (more videos below).

And there’s Letters and more – all packed into the longest Boxcutters 2.0 show ever.
[audio:|titles=Episode 355|artists=Boxcutters]

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Ep 354: Vikings

Bored of the staid, monotheistic existence of the everyday, this week we take a look at the new History Channel drama, Vikings with its enlightened love and gods aplenty.

Marian’s Crush straddles the Scandanavian and rural Victorian worlds. We take a look at a series of ads with Brett’s I Don’t Buy It. The Letters segment makes its first appearance in Boxcutters 2.0. Chris has done a bit of a reccy with ABC’s iView. Plus we’ve got Tuddy’s Angry Old Man rant, what to watch and an absence of news. There’s just too much to pack in for one episode.

Get amongst it in Boxcutters episode 354.

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Ep 353: Big School

It’s a all about the controversy in this episode of Boxcutters. We’ve got a review of the new BBC1 sitcom, Big School, starring your favourite UK comic actors.

Being Emmys week, we talk about some of the controversy coming out of the ceremony.

Our resident Angry Old Man is back to vent about TV cooks.

And check out below for a sultry pic of Marian’s All My Crushes.

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Ep 352: Ray Donovan

Dave’s back!! Yes, Dave Lawson returns to us on this episode where we review the Showtime series, Ray Donovan, starring Liev Schreiber.

Our Angry Old Man makes his debut.

Marian kicks off her All My Crushes segment and also takes a look at the latest Bad Reality TV treat, The Bachelor.

It’s a cracker of an episode – get your ears around it now.

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Ep 351: Boxcutters 2.0 The Time of Our Lives

We’re back with new faces, new voices, new innovations and more great TV chat.

We welcome Marian Blythe, Rachel Howe and Chris Rankine to the fold and immediately get down to the nitty gritty with a review of ABC1’s family drama, The Time Of Our Lives.

Marian gives us a bit of a rundown on her TV culture shock, experienced after an extended sojourn to Europe.

And there’s a couple of old regulars in there as well.

[audio:|titles=Episode 351|artists=Boxcutters]

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Boxcutters 2.0: A New Dawn

Things have been progressing very interestingly in the Boxcutters kitchen and I think we’ve got some new dishes you’re going to like.

There are going to be new ways to interact with Boxcutters, new hosts and contributors to meet, new segments, new events, new voices and the legendary video podcast.

So you guys can follow along at home, one of our innovations concerns our show reviews – each episode we’ll have an announcement of the upcoming review that you can get up to speed with and let us know what you think. To kick it off, this week we’re reviewing the ABC1 tent pole drama, The Time of Our Lives. All the episodes are up on iView so if you haven’t been keeping up it’s all there for your viewing pleasure – or otherwise.

Sunday marks Boxcutters’ official 8th birthday so it’s fitting we are recording this Monday night at 7pm. Check back here or check in with us on the social media – over at Twitter @BoxcuttersCast and Facebook /Boxcutters – for more details on how to take part in the new Boxcutters and we’ll see you there.

As Trudy said, change is normal, natural, inevitable, exciting … and sad.

After we review the latest show from Netflix, Orange is the New Black, cover some critical Kids Jeopardy! news and discover, for the last time, what type of hat Ben’s wearing, we have a bumper crop of letters from you, the listener, before Josh sails off into the sunset with Courteney in tow.

This may be the most truly moving episode of Boxcutters ever. Don’t expect a dry eye in the house after the final scene rolls.

It’s never gonna be the same again.

[audio:|titles=Episode 350|artists=Boxcutters]

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Ep 349: Rectify

As we count down to Boxcutters 2.0 with more tearful goodbyes, the good times keep trundling along.

We review Rectify, starring Australia’s own Aden Young, showing on the Sundance Channel.

With the official commencement of the federal election campaign, Josh isn’t buying either of the offerings from the major parties, TV commercial wise.

And Dave gives a little wave as Josh heads towards the gangplank.

[audio:|titles=Episode 349|artists=Boxcutters]
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Ep 348: Maron and Sport

It’s Glenn’s last episode and so we talk a lot about how TV has ruined sport. Or is it the other way around?

We review the US cable show based on a comedian and his podcast and desperate cries for love. It’s Maron! You might already listen to his show. You should listen to ours instead.

Not as well. Instead.

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What the new Boxcutters means.

Almost everyone is going. A whole bunch of brand new people are coming.

This is an exciting time for Boxcutters. It’s our first ever gritty re-boot.

As you already know, Josh is leaving, Brett is staying and John has already left.

Glenn is leaving. Courteney is leaving. Ben is leaving. Dave is probably leaving but may also pop back from time to time.

Brett is pulling together an exciting team of pundits, aficionados and all-round fun people to be around.

Episode 350 will mark the end of an era for a show that we have loved putting together for the last 8 years. Episode 351 will be the start of a new era.

Television needs new opinions to keep it exciting and interesting. New teams need time and patience to get their flow and we hope you’ll flow with them, give them a helping hand when they need it, and let them gently into your ears.

You’ll find the rest of us in podcasts around the place. We’ll let you know where we go.